Bill and Cinnamon at the 2016 National
Narvin's Sully at Ivanhoe
Lebanon, Ohio

- 3 all age placements at a year and a half

Sully is now the 2018 High Point Amateur Dog USA.

John McCaffrey and Piwo at the National 2015
Narvin's Aero Feather (Sail)
Brockville, ON

- 1 open win and several placements in the USA

The boys and Jet, limit of late season divers
Brody and Hershey heading out to get some geese
Narvin's Pride and Joy
New Jersey, USA

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Narvin's Rimfire
Southern Ontario

Narvin's Kamila
Kansas, USA

Narvin's Jack
Skead, ON
littermate to Hershey
Narvin's Cooper
Levack, ON

Narvin's Greylands Upland Flash

Narvin's Oliver of Lady Ashley
New Liskeard Ontario

Narvin's Karma
Calgary, Alberta

Narvin's Merlin the Magnificent
Sudbury, ON


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