I grew up hunting duck and partridge with my Dad and Uncle in the woods of Northern Ontario.  We always hunted with a dog and I was enthralled with the way a good hunting dog worked up the birds and retrieved cripples that would otherwise be lost.  I was taught that if game was down it was the hunter's responsiblility to do everything possible to retrieve it.  I have had many memorable adventures pursuing downed game with a trained lab or springer.

In recent years, I haved enjoyed training and trialing our English Springer Spaniels.  In 2011, Caramel and I won the Canadian National setting the stage for some great opportunities.  We have bred Caramel to some of the top sires in North America thus providing us with some of the best foundation stock on the continent. Each of our breedings is a carefully planned combination of top pedigrees and screening both sire and dams for all known health concerns.  We are proud of the dogs that we produce and know you will be too!

Our goal is to promote field bred english springer spaniels in Ontario and abroad.  By breeding for natural hunting abilities, health, and temperment the resulting dogs are sure to bring pride and enjoyment to those lucky enough to own one.

We encourage all new puppy owners to enroll in puppy obedience classes to get the most enjoyment out of your new companion, you both deserve it!

Bill McCaffrey


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